TRevoR Sparrow thompson

Trevor sparrow Thompson born in rae town Kingston Jamaica attended Kingston college high school played side drum in the cadet marching band.during that time I played in sing out kingston up with people band after that I played with the mighty mystics band. I have been playing drums for 52 years. I am the first drummer from Jamaica to player rock steady and reggae music out side of Jamaica by playing on a cruise ship in 1969 . I have backed up all Jamaican singers of that era on live stage show performances including Bob Marley and the wailers I.e peter tosh and bunny wailer in 1970 .the venue was the v .I .p lounge.the skatalites is the 14th.Jamaican band that I am playing in after I left sing out Kingston I played with the mighty mystics the lead singers were Keith and TeX .band #3. The vertues the vocalist were Bob andy and Ernie smith band #4 Charles and the teddy boys the vocalist was hopeton lewis band #5 surplus soul aggregation playing on a cruise ship the vocalist was Winston the now generation vocalist mickey Chung Jeff Chung band#7the debonaires the vocalist Phillips Dillon. Lester sterling alto sax.Roland Alfonso tenor sax were the horn men .band#8 bumps Jackson and the caps the vocalist was bunny third world rugs and Carlos b t express ward alto sax and flute band # 9 merging traffic the vocalist Carlton bad boys what u gonna do coffee .band,#10 the meditations band I was the band produce and played drums on an album for an actor on all my children soap opera .his name is Richard schoberg.I am the first drummer for the soul syndicate band in their early stages. I was the band leader for the merging traffic band and the sky rockers band. I was the lead vocalist for the sky rockers band playing all over new York city and other cities in the united states . I recorded for brads records . straker records with glen Adams on piano and organ rick grater on guitar.recorded Carlos Malcolm reggae Christmas album in1971 played on maxi romeo and glen Adams single ( Jordan river) recorded for Carlton coffee; joy white; junior soul menns(techniques);Tyrone Evans(paragons)Lloyd charmers( going in circles) in the 60ties. Recorded and produce just out of reach playing drums and vocals; l don't want to loose you drums and vocals. Write the lyrics for Doreen Shaffer song(love is the way).in the relay of life Lloyd knibb has handed me the stick ( no pun intended) and with gods help I hope to take it to the finish line a winner.